NTP stands for Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

This is someone who has been trained and certified as a Holistic Nutritionist by the Nutritional Therapy Association.

How is an NTP different from a regular Nutritionist?

Having completed a Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition with Deakin University, I can say with confidence that the differences are many. But let me focus on what an NTP does:


Promotes a diet that is properly prepared with a focus on whole foods.

  • Encourages people to NOT consume refined carbohydrates and sugars, eat out less, be involved in the food prep process (but if eating out, knows what to choose);
  • Encourages people to drink water and avoid sugar/caffeinated beverages;
  • Encourages people to choose local, seasonal and organic produce;
  • Encourages the consumption of protein and fat from pasture-raised and organic sources;
  • If tolerates grains, chooses organic, gluten-free and prepares them well (such as soaking and sprouting)*


Believes in the bio-individuality of a person.

  • Not every lifestyle/diet works for every individual; we consider health markers and needs, genetics, allergies and/or sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle, work, even location.


Has unique assessment methods.

  • In person, there is the Functional Evaluation and Lingual Neural Testing that assesses the whole body;
  • Online, there is an in depth assessment questionnaire.


(*I personally believe today MOST people DON’T tolerate grains well, or often need to avoid them to regain their health; however, they should not be vilified the way they have been.)


So why did I become an NTP?

The curriculum really did make sense to me.

As I read through the details, I was saying “yes, yes, yes!” in my head. It really was a no brainer, especially because they decided to offer the very first course in my home town of Melbourne… and even though I live in Shanghai and it would be more expensive for me, it gave me the chance to visit home, family and friends over the year.

So, I enrolled (pretty much) immediately as it was exactly what I’d been looking for.

I hadn’t quite understood though what the FE was, as well as the other assessment tools NTPs have access to, but when I did, this made me even more glad (and proud) to have found and enrolled in this course. I really felt that when I walked away from this course, I would be different from other Nutritionists and even Dieticians out there and would be able to help people in a way no one else could.

I’m still learning of course (I will forever be), but I have some wonderful skills and tools all thanks to the NTA, that I most definitely would NOT have, had I continued on with the Masters in Human Nutrition that I had originally planned (and been accepted) to do. (No disrespect to that course or people who have done it – there is SO much learning to be gained from their program, it just wasn’t for me).



So, if you wanted to work with me in person, this is more or less what we would do:

  1. Complete the initial information prior to meeting me (food journals, questionnaires).
  2. Meet with me where we discuss your goals etc and further assessments (Functional Evaluation + other data gathered)
    Leave meeting one with initial recommendations catered to your individual needs as well as mentally what you can cope with. You go and give your new lifestyle a whirl.
  3. Follow up with me. We review how you’ve been going and tweak plan if necessary. (Depending on how much time has passed, depends on whether we do another questionnaire or FE to see improvements.)
  4. More follow ups depend on you, your health and your need for support. This health game is in your hands but I am here to guide you.


If you wanted to work with me online, we would more or less do the above, we just wouldn’t be able to do the Functional Evaluation as this happens in person. It does NOT mean we can’t work together. If you are committed and willing to implement some changes, you can do everything yourself at home with my guidance from afar…


So I hope that clears up what an NTP iswhy I chose to be one  and what we do.

With all that said, our tribe could always use some expanding. If you are interested in learning to be an NTP, you can get involved here (also see the course catalog here). They have courses starting every year, in locations all over the US, Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia, and now New Zealand too. And if you do sign up, please feel free to mention my name*.

It really has changed my life and the course can be taken in so many directions, wherever your interests or expertise lie.

So come follow my journey, work with me or sign up and become an NTP yourself. Either way, life with the knowledge from the NTA is a better one, so I hope you get to experience it in some capacity!


Bianca x

*Should you choose to sign up and refer my name, I do receive a reward.