Self-confidence model

So if you’re feeling anxious, scared or nervous about doing something, the one way to overcome these feelings and accomplish that thing is to change your feelings to become courageous, brave and self-confident!

So, let's take a look at the model...

C – the circumstance, (or fact).

T – the thought you’re having.

F – the feeling you’re feeling.

A -the action you’re taking as a result of the above feeling.

R – the result you achieve because of the feeling/thought and actions.

Ok, so here's a fear-based example for you...

C: There is a 5 week nutrition program that says it can help me get healthy and lose weight.

T: I will fail if I try to commit to it for 5 weeks.

F: Anxious.

A: I decline the offer. I keep eating my usual diet. I don’t lose any weight, I may continue to gain weight. I may feel worse than before.

R: I don’t make any changes or commitments, I keep doing the same thing.

Now change the feeling to

What do you have to THINK to feel

C: There is a 5 week nutrition program that says it can help me get healthy and lose weight. (STAYS THE SAME)


T: I am so good at committing to something I want for myself.


F: Self confidence.


A: I research programs and Nutritionists and find one that is supportive and resonates with me. I sign up for a program. I complete the 5 weeks successfully. I reach my goal weight. I go shopping for new clothes and start working out again.


R: I feel confident about myself, empowered, have learnt so much about my health, am exercising again, love my new body and am feeling strong and resilient. I am proud of myself for putting myself first and committing to make my goals come true.

What do you think of the model?

Personally, this model has changed the way I look at life.

For anything I find challenging or something I’m completely avoiding, I use this model to map out how it will change if I feel self confidence and change the thought that I have about the circumstance.

And EVERY SINGLE TIME I change my outcome. 

EVERY SINGLE TIME I complete my action.

EVERY SINGLE TIME I learn something about myself and feel proud of my achievement.

I hope this model has been useful for you, just as much as it has for me!

To your self-confident future self,

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