Hi! I'm Bianca.

Here’s a bit about me…

  • Australian born 🇦🇺, Italian blood 🇮🇹 .
  • Language teacher come Functional Nutritionist (FNTP).
  • Meat lover 🥩. Home cooker.
  • Online business owner 💻  .
  • Small town girl who loves to live in big cities.
  • Lover of the expat life and travel ✈️ .
  • Addicted to the sun, beach and hot hot summers☀️.
  • Happier with furry felines by my side 🐈.
  • Love to lift 🏋️‍♀️ but happiest when standing on my hands 🤸🏼‍♀️.

But in all seriousness…

My mission in life is to help women, like you, eat more meat and heal their guts…

Because our health STARTS with our digestion.

And I know this first hand… after all, this was where it all unraveled for me…

  • It started before I was born, as my mum was on constant antibiotics pre, during and post pregnancy.
  • I fell sick at 12 months with a gastrointestinal infection that affected my growth and development. I was sick a whole year.
  • I grew up around orchards and was exposed to chemicals and pesticides in the water I drank and on the food I ate. My dad recalls them spraying and noting how “birds would literally drop out of the sky.”
  • People described me as that sporty kid. I was good at most sports I tried and always fit-looking, never overweight, even as an adult.
  • I was often constipated.
  • 95% of my food was home-cooked. Italian dishes, meat and vegetables, olive oil and freshly baked bread were staples. 
  • I moved out of home at 18, money was tight so food was cheap (I also couldn’t really cook).
  • Home cooked meals were pretty nutrient poor (pasta and pesto anyone?)
  • I went through periods of eating very little meat and lots of salads.
  • I hated eating steak until I was 27.
  • Drinking was regular. Drugs were common.
  • I was a self proclaimed “night owl.”
  • I took the pill for 17 years without understanding the repercussions of this.

The unraveling of my health happened over many years, but when I got to age 34, I was well and truly a mess (despite looking the picture of health on the outside). 

How did I feel everyday?

  • Swollen, bloated, gassy, constipated, uncomfortable, sore.
  • Ugly at least once a month when yet another cystic acne spot would appear.
  • Sick and sniffly as I developed seasonal allergies and asthma.
  • Annoyed and frustrated as I had a relentless cough that kept me up at night.
  • In pain due to regular headaches that sometimes became migraines.
  • Fatigued, constantly, my energy was up and down.
  • Dread and more pain: my periods were at times excruciating.
  • Overwhelmed by stress and anxiety which would lead to illness that knocked me out for weeks.
  • So much pain. At night, my gut pain was intolerable. It woke me up constantly and I could barely function.

Eventually everyone reaches a breaking point and mine was in 2013.

I did what any sick person does, I went to all the professionals seeking help.

Not one health professional gave me hope of a resolution, nor practical solutions. 

I was diagnosed with IBS and told to manage it, to figure it out.

I was angry, this wasn’t good enough. So I went searching for the answers myself…


Have you reached your breaking point?

Here is a summary of my journey:

July 2013: Quit sugar, still eating pasta, rice and bread at times.

Feb 2014: Started Low Carb, quit the pill.

July 2014: Went Keto.

Dec 2014: Started menstruating again.

2014-2017: Loving Keto, feeling great 

(the above issues – the cough, the allergies, the hormones, the skin, digestion good, everything is markedly improved/completely resolved).

Late 2017: Started noticing issues with Keto. 

Feeling weaker, wounds forming and not healing, bruising constantly, gaining weight (I’m almost 37 at this point), hormones off and skin acne prone again. Less resilient, anxiety quite unmanageable.

April 2018: Started Carnivore strictly for 30-90 days (except coffee).

Feb 2020: quit coffee. Forever.

June 2020: implemented new daily weights routine.

Present: Still eating predominantly Carnivore but with occasional Keto foods/some carbs.

I’m no longer food phobic, my digestion is great, my skin is great, my energy is up, my sleep is great, my moods are great.

My passion for nutrition was born...

My passion for nutrition was born out of the struggles I had finding resolutions for my constant pain, discomfort (my gut) and embarrassment (adult acne, I’m looking at you!).

I thought that a high fat diet was the thing that would save us women from our gut issues, hormonal issues, skin issues, and I truely believe that all that fat really did help… but little did I know that it was actually the somewhat forgotten macronutrient, protein, that was to be my biggest saviour.


As Dr Gabrielle Lyon says “protein is the organ of longevity.” 

We have to focus on the fact that many of us have too little muscle. The community of health minded people, especially low carbers are focused on carbohydrates and insulin resistance but we should be focused MORE on building and fueling the organ of longevity: our muscle.

Once we focus on getting enough protein into our diets and moving our bodies more, we will then see the balance restored…

We will gain muscle and lose fat; 

We will become less insulin resistant; 

We will gain strength not just of the muscles but of our cells: 

Our guts will have the nourishment to heal; 

Hair and nails will grow faster and be stronger and not break and fall out; 

Skin will be more elastic and you will age look more youthful, for longer;

Immunity will be increased, stronger; 

Bones will be stronger, less likely to break;

People will be more fertile, our hormone game will be stronger; 

Moods will be more stable; 

The mitochondria will produce more energy; 

We will rest better.

Doesn't that sound amazing?!

So if you want to…

*Be free of constipation and other digestive issues that cause bloating, pain and discomfort.

*Have crystal clear skin.

*Gain muscle and lose fat.

*Stop bruising.

*Have strong thick hair that doesn’t fall out in clumps.

*Heal more quickly from injuries, sickness and wounds.

*Look and feel younger for longer.

*No longer suffer from skin conditions

*Have a great night’s sleep every night and wake up feeling energetic

And much more…!

Then you’ve GOT to come check out my online Keto to Carnivore program!

For 30 days, it will guide you from Keto to Carnivore and then wherever you want to go afterwards…

You’ll have the support, guidance and education you need to get you through the 30 days and then know what you should do going forward.

You’ll be around like-minded people who are committed to results and committed to change.

Everyone I know who has tried it, has loved it!

I feel leaner and stronger on Carnivore!


Middle School Principal

"On a zero carb lifestyle I feel like a machine, I'm thriving! No anxiety and more focus. Food no longer controls my life!"


Uni student

Doubts may be popping up for you, I get that…

You may be thinking:

“Bianca, I can’t afford this right now. Don’t you know there’s a crisis going on in the world!”

And so I will ask you:

“What price do you put on your health?”

Is it not everything?! Today more than ever with Covid (and other future viruses) threatening those most vulnerable, those with the most weakened systems, it is more important that ever today to have strong bodies. 

We need to prioritise our health.

We spend so much money on topical acne treatments, essential oils and teas to calm our upset tummies, medications when we’re sick, facials and other procedures to make us look younger… but what if we just invested the money on learning how to eat right?

“Will you see results?”

That depends on your commitment and on your goals (don’t worry, the program covers all this).

If your goal is weight loss (because you’ve plateaued on keto), then Carnivore can change this for you.

If your goal is better digestion, Carnivore can also improve this.

If your goal is improvement of skin conditions, then the elimination of the inflammatory foods (veggies, nuts and other fibrous foods) is proving effective in resolving this too.

If your goal is better menstrual cycles, you can also see improvements in this area, many people reporting less bleeding, less pain and less pms symptoms (although you’re best to monitor over the next 3-6 months to really measure change).

My goal is to help you improve your health with the Carnivore diet. It’s to get you eating more meat than you’ve probably ever eaten before and appreciate how important this macronutrient is for your long-term health.

Carnivore can be used as a short term elimination protocol or for a longer term, whatever suits you better.

We’ll delve into your history and current lifestyle first, get your diet right, make sure you’re hydrated, we’ll add in supplements if they’re necessary and we’ll get you moving regularly (your muscles and your bowels!).

But it’s not just about diet! We’ll also prioritize other important foundations too like sleep, stress, light and movement.

And I promise you won’t be alone on this journey. 

You’ll have me, a Functional Nutritionist who has been through her own health journey, lived the Keto and Carnivore lifestyles and come out the other side feeling better than she did when she was 25. 

You’ll also have a community of people by your side.

This is my dream for you, to have the health you deserve, to thrive inside and out, to wake up energetic, ready and raring to go!

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Oh and for those of you interested, here are my quals…

  1. Monash University: Bachelor of Arts (Italian)
  2. University of Melbourne: Graduate Diploma in Education (English/ESL + Italian)
  3. Deakin University: Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition
  4. Nutritional Therapy Association: Diploma in Nutritional Therapy

Bianca Fontana FNTP