Lockdown workouts for the ladies

Ladies, do I have some lockdown workouts for you!

I say workouts because there are FOUR workout options here. FOUR!

One for your lower body (because growing a booty is everything), one for your upper body (arm wrestling is not just for men), a core workout (true strength comes from a strong core) and a cardio/HIIT workout (’cause sometimes we just need to cut sick and release that energy).

So, whether you’re reading this while still in lockdown or not, these home workouts are for you!

Why would I do a home workout if I’m NOT in lockdown? Well, quite simply, working out can’t always happen at the gym…

Maybe you travel for work.
Maybe you are somewhere without gym clothes.
Maybe you need to stay home and look after kids.
Maybe your gym is closed for some random reason.
Maybe you just can’t be bothered leaving your house.
Maybe you don’t actually have a gym membership!

Whatever the reason, rest assured that you can still get your daily dose of movement and keep yourself feeling energised with an at home workout.
There are LOADS of workouts that you can find online… just go to Youtube and search “glute workout” or “HIIT workout” or “yoga vinyasa intermediate”… whatever you’re looking for, you can find it.

Or, if you’re someone like me who has been a gym-goer for over 20 years, you’re probably pretty familiar with the moves and can put something together yourself.

So this is what I have done just for you!

Here are some at home workouts (aka “lockdown workouts”) that you can do, whenever you need them…

In addition to the workouts, I’ve also included warm up and cool down suggestions. Workouts, of course, don’t have to be followed exactly as is and you can mix and match if you choose.

Note: home workouts are designed around not needing equipment but having some can make it more challenging and can increase your workout gains. There are, however, always substitutes around the home for these items, should you not have them.

Equipment Substitute
2 full water bottles (fill with water or sand)
Resistance band
Stockings or tights, robe ties
Yoga mat
Towel or thin blanket
Gym bench
Chair or coffee table, small step ladder
Long resistance bands
Broom or towel, depending on activity

Warm up

Whatever the movement, make your warm up dynamic. This means, keep it moving and flowing, as this will use many different muscle groups, activating them ready for your workout.

Upper body:

Neck rolls x5 each way
Shoulder rolls x5 each way
Full arm circles x5 each way
Spinal rotations with arm swings x10
Side bend x5 each way
Hip circles x5 each way

Lower body:

Spinal rotations with arm swings x10
Leg swings x5 each side
Yogic squat with twist + arm reach x6
Plank and deep lunge x5 each side
Kneeling lunge and hamstring stretch x5 each side
Side lunges x5 each side

Lower body workout:
booty and legs

Super set 1: do three times

Donkey kicks x15 each side
Clams with x15 each side
Rest 1 minute

Super set 2: do three times

Deadlifts with weight x15
Lunges (back foot raised) x10
Rest 1 minute

Super set 3: do three times

Hip thrusts x15
One legged thrusts x10
Rest 1 minute

Upper body workout:
shoulders, triceps, biceps, back

Super set 1: do three times

Bicep curl to shoulder press x15
Lateral front raises to front raise x10
Rest 1 minute

Super set 2: do three times

Tricep kickbacks with weight x15 each side
Bent over dumbell row x15
Rest 1 minute

Super set 3: do three times

Push ups narrow x6
Push ups wide x6
Static hold supermans x15
Rest 1 minute

Core workout

Super set 1: do three times

Plank raises elbows to hands x15
Side plank 30 secs each side
Rest 1 minute

Super set 2: do three times
Walk out push ups x15
Mountain climbers x20
Rest 1 minute

Super set 3: do three times

Toe touch crunch x20
Bicycle crunches x20
Rest 1 minute

total body workout

Do each exercise in order for 45 seconds.

Donkey kick activators both sides
Squat jumps with band
Hold squat and pulse
Lateral lunges
Squats to overhead press
Walk out push ups
Side plank left
Side plank right
Static hold supermans

Rest 1 minute. Repeat above 3 times.

Cool down

Hold each exercise between 30-60 sec. Breath through the stretch.

Child’s pose
“Thread the needle” shoulder stretch, both sides
Lying chest stretch, both sides
Spinx pose/back stretch
Cat/cow – don’t hold this one, keep it moving 
Lying hamstring stretch, both sides 
(use a band or towel to enhance the stretch)
Cross legged hip opening stretch, both sides
Tricep stretch, both sides
Shoulder stretch, both sides.

Do you do home workouts? Let me know in the comments below if you try any of these workouts and how you go!

To your exercise-fueled health,

FNTP, meat-based biohacker.

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