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Blondies are the new brownies! These Blondies are nutty and chocolatey and soft and delicious… oh and gluten free and dairy free. So yum!

Almond flour pancakes

These Almond flour pancakes are sooooo quick and easy to make; they are gluten, grain, sugar and dairy free and are yummy when combined with homemade berry jam and whipped cream. Almond flour is identical to regular flour in terms …


The benefits of Gelatin are many. We can get them from foods like bone broth or we can just add them to our favourite drinks. Personally, I like to eat mine in the form of Jelly! (That’s Jello for my …

How to boil an egg

It seems so simple but so many people boil eggs until they’re so hard, they’re grey inside. Get my very simple tips on how to boil the perfect egg.

Recipe: Egg and bacon cups

Eggs make us glow, bacon makes us happy. There’s nothing to hate and everything to love about this recipe. Simple, easy, fast. This egg and bacon cup recipe is great for breakfast or as a snack. Dairy free, gluten, sugar …

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