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5 Stages of Grief

The Coronavirus (or Covid19) has seen everyone go through some pretty hardcore emotions, and understandably so.

Having come from China to Australia, I’ve witnessed this virus in both of my countries and can say it hasn’t been easy.

I’m missing my apartment, my cats (don’t worry, they are being well taken care of), my friends, my city, my scooter, my gym, my job, everything that was normal to me.

And due to this upheaval to my life, I’ve experienced some pretty solid emotional shifts. When I first heard about the virus in December, it was shock and denial. This shock and denial lingered as life carried on for a while before it shut the country down and I was forced to leave and not return.

When things finally hit home, I continued with the shock but moved into depression (not fun). But that too passed.

I’ve found myself (often) praying to God and reaching out to others to share experiences and connect.

Now, however, 3-4 months later, I’m pretty well at acceptance. I can’t say for sure what the future will bring, so I don’t know if I’ll go back into some of the other stages again, especially if something seriously stressful were to happen, but right now I’m not predicting anything and just taking things day by day, loosening my grip on my need for control and being ok with not knowing.

A couple of weeks ago, I put together a video of where I was at on my journey, sharing my thoughts about these stages.

I thought I’d share it here. I hope you find it helpful.

To your health,

Bianca, FNTP

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